In our restaurant you can enjoy classic Czech dishes from 65 CZK

On all meals to our guests 10% discount


Typical Czech beer snack with vinegar, onion, bread 65,-
Parika sausage, mustard, bread 65,-
1ks Devils toast (hot) with cheese 75,-
2ks Toast with ham and cheese 65,-
200gr Trout with herbal butter 185,-
200gr Salmon with herbal butter 255,-
200gr Salmon with blue cheese in wine souce 275,-
200gr Fried fish fillet with cheese + broccoli 160,-
200gr Chicken and ham in cheese sauce 155,-
200gr Chicken steak with creamy mushroom sauce 165,-
200gr Chicken steak from grill 130,-
200gr Chicken strips PIKANT - crushed tomatoes, garlic, chilli,  olives 155,-
200gr Fried chicken schnitzel 115,-
300gr Spicy chicken winglet 125,-
200gr Pork fillet with beans 155,-
200gr Pork steak with herbal butter 145,-
200gr Pork with sauce,onion,mushrooms,chilli 155,-
300gr Grilled pork steak 165,-
200gr Fried pork schnitzel 115,-
400gr Pepper steak - Steak with pepper sauce 560,-
200gr Pepper steak - Steak with pepper sauce 295,-
400gr Steak with herbal butter 560,-
200gr Steak with herbal butter 295,-
400gr Englisch steak with ham and egg 560,-
200gr Englisch steak with ham and egg 295,-
150gr STROGANOV - sirloin,onion,ketchup,saus 235,-
300gr Rumpsteak with herbal butter 260,-
300gr Vienna rump steak with onion 260,-
300gr Rump steak with dijon sauce 260,-
500gr Woodcutter plank-beef,pork,chicken on the grill 390,-
700gr Rib chops served with mustard 220,-
400gr BOHEMIA BURGER - big beef burger,potatoes,vegetables 165,-
300gr Spaghetti Bolognese with cheese 95,-
300gr Gnocci with chicken and spinat 155,-
300gr Gnocci Porcini 145,-
300gr Spaghetti with chicken 135,-
300gr Spaghetti with spicy porkmix, cheese 145,-
1 duck (approx 2700gr),steamed vegetables,home made dumplings, 590,-
ROAST PORK KNEE -mustard,horseradish (1,300 g) 240,-
1kg Marinated pork ribs roasted in dark beer 230,-
100gr TATAR steak (real beef sirloin),pices toast 190,-
70gr Fried chicken schnitzel,boiled potatoes 80,-
70gr Chicken with cream sauce, rice 80,-
4ks Fish fingers with fries 80,-
150gr Spaghetti with ketchup and cheese 55,-
150gr Spaghetti Bolognaise 60,-
100gr Fried cheese, tartar sauce 110,-
3ks Blueberries dumplings with cream end the cinnamon 105,-
1ks Omelet met kaas (or ham) 100,-
250gr French fries with tatar sauce or ketchup 55,-
400gr Mixed salad with chicken,onions and tzatziki 145,-
400gr Mixed salad with pork meat and spicy dressing 145,-
400gr Mixed salad with tuna and olives 155,-
200gr Mixed vegetable salad with feta cheese 70,-
200gr Mixed vegetable salad with feta cheese and olives 75,-
200gr Coleslaw 65,-


Bread dumplings,Boiled potatose,Rice,French fries,American style fries,
Kroket,Stamed vegetables,Tatar sauce,Ketschup


cheese sauce,mushroom sauce,pepper sauce,cranberry sauce,dijon sauce