Sauna Sporthotel BohemiaSauna is known for positive effects on the human organism.Your body will be beautifully warm up in the sauna and sweat from the body flushes out.During the stay in the sauna there is an easing of the joints and muscles and blood circulation throughout the whole body. It also serves on the airways or rheumatism. Sauna significantly strengthens the immune system.
To cool showers can be used directly before the sauna and then relax on wooden chairs. The price include also towels and sheets.


If you are tired and exhausted bothering you muscle pain back, neck, limbs or just want to spend time, recharge and enjoy a moment of peace, comfort and relaxation, the time is right for a massage. After if will get back energy, well-being and embark on a new flavor to everyday tasks. Choose from our range:

  • partial massage - back + neck
  • full body massage - back + neck + legs
  • Hot stones - back + neck
  • Hot stones - back + neck + legs
  • Honey back massage
  • aromatic back massage
  • total aromatic massage - back + neck + hands + feet
  • antistressed of head massage
  • reflexology massage - feet
  • Shiatsu lower limbs against cellulite
  • anti-cellulite massage + wrap - legs
  • Paraffin - Hands